THE NEW SINGLE   -  OUT 07/07/2020


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Vocals: Ariana Le Fay


Guitars: Tommy Wozniak


Symphonic: Ariana Le Fay & The Seven Hills Orchestra


Lyrics: Ariana Le Fay


Composing: Ariana Le Fay & Tommy Wozniak



Production/Mix: Dragontor Records


Cover: Tobias Bjørkli & Ariana Le Fay



released July 7, 2020


Ⓒ all rights reserved



Born to be slayed by humans blade, a million time a crime. A hollow moan where they've grown, ghostly whined in mind. But now it's the time to end this crime, be aware and care for the heritage of another age, all that has been so green. We want a green planet, we want it to be green. Save it now!




NEW VIDEO   -  OUT 31/07/2020


'Green Planet' Guitar - Playthrough played on the Zerberus guitar 'Nemesis' from 'The green Planet' - Series, made of 100% bamboo! See more at


Guitars: Tommy Wozniak